Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Visiting the Janks

Last weekend we headed south to to see the Janks at their new home in Mexico!

It was the first time since we have driven down there in over five years.  One hour to the border and then three hours south to Hermosillo.  The drive was uneventful and the roads have gotten much better since we last drove there.  The Janks met as at the Hermosillo toll and lead us thru the city to their hacienda.  

We were able to stay over two nights.  We had tons of fun catching up, eating authentic Mexico food (carne asada tacos and burros, Fancy steak, fresh piggy cookies from the local bakery, and Yunuen's homecooking), playing spades, shopping for and drinking Mexican wine, smoking cigars and hookah, checking out the beautiful Mexican casas in their neighborhood while walking the dogs, going to church with them (with crowing roosters) touring the city center and driving up a mountain to overlook the city.  It was a fantastic time and we can't wait to go back and see them again.  Thanks for having us AMIGOS!

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Nomosian said...

awesome! those glasses are CALIENTE!